Luca Guidarini

Born in Rovigo in 1995, Luca Guidarini started to play classical guitar at the age of 7. He continues his studies in classical and jazz guitar at the Conservatorio “A. Buzzolla” in Adria, then contemporary electric guitar at the Civica Scuola di Musica “C. Abbado” in Milan. As a guitar player, he performed in the improvised music field, playing in various festivals along with Andrea Centazzo, Massimo Manzi, Pasquale Mirra, among others. As a musicologist, he is graduated from the Università di Pavia, with a thesis on Fausto Romitelli’s compositional techniques. Luca Guidarini’s musicological research focuses on music theory, compositional and improvisational techniques of composers and performers of the late XXth and XIXst Century. His researches were presented at many institutions and conservatories, as McGill University (Montreal), and IRCAM (Paris).
As a composer, Luca studies with Giovanni Verrando and electroacoustic composition at the Conservatorio “G. Nicolini” in Piacenza, with Daniele Ghisi. He is a member of the ensemble Collettivo_21 as a performer of the electronics, composer, and artistic director of Incó_ntemporanea Festival. Luca’s music deals with the relationships between the technological means, the musicians, and the performance itself, and it has been performed in festivals such as Biennale Musica di Venezia, Cerimoniali Ritmici (Rome), Crossroads Festival (Salzburg), and Incó_ntemporanea Festival (Piacenza), collaborating with renowned soloists as Ljuba Bergamelli, Carlo Siega, Antonio Magnatta, and ensembles such as Collettivo_21, Blow-up Percussions, Duo Dubuois.


Collettivo_21 is a contemporary music ensemble, formed by young professionals, born in Piacenza in 2015 in the “G. Nicolini” Conservatory. Defined as an eclectic ensemble, Collettivo_21 works since its beginning with musicians and composers from all over Italy and Europe and explores different aspects of contemporary classical music, often crossing the boundaries that define it as such, collaborating with festivals and exhibitions of contemporary art and artists such as Giovanni Sollima, Umberto Petrin, Marco Domenichetti, Evan Parker, Ike Willis, Elio (by Elio e le storie tese), Gianpaolo Antongirolami and Walter Prati. Collettivo_21 has premiered works by Frederik Rzewski, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Riccardo Dapelo, Luca Guidarini, Luca Ricci among others. In 2016 the Collettivo_21 played for the first time in Milan – in the wonderful hall of the Museo del Novecento – for the exhibition Omaggio a Marino Zuccheri organized by the NoMus association. In 2017 the Collective_21 is selected as an ensemble to participate in the realization of the contemporary work “Notte per me luminosa” by Marco Betta, under the direction of Massimiliano Caldi, at Teatro Municipale of Piacenza. In 2018 Collettivo_21 began his collaboration with the internationally renowned pianist Davide Cabassi in the “Incontri Contemporanei”, a series of meetings and concerts with important Italian composers such as Fabio Vacchi, Irlando Danieli, Ivan Fedele, Mauro Montalbetti, Giorgio Colombo Taccani and Paolo Arcà. In 2017, the Collettivo_21 organizes the first festival of contemporary music in Piacenza, Incó_ntemporanea; the first edition sees guest musicians such as Umberto Petrin and Marco Domenichetti and the composer Frederic Rzewski. The second edition (2018) boasts the presence and collaboration of the famous cellist and composer Giovanni Sollima and the realization together with Alessandro Baldessari (composer and sound designer) and Riccardo Buscarini (director and choreographer) of the show “Dialoghi dalla Boutique”, a multimedia concert inspired by short stories “La Boutique del Mistero” by Dino Buzzati, at Teatro Municipale of Piacenza. In 2019, he began an improvised music project, in collaboration with Ensemble Collettivo CRISIS, which saw the first performance in Milan for the series PactaSoundZone organized by composer and guitarist Maurizio Pisati. Also in 2019, Collettivo_21, is invited to perform for the international music festival Primavera di Baggio, organized by Davide Cabassi, with the show “To Be Prog”; a concert inspired by the great names of international progressive rock music. In the same year he took part in the renowned festival Musiikin aika (Time of Music) in Viitasaari, Finland, where under the guidance of important personalities such as Camilla Hoitenga, Kaija Saariaho and John Butcher it worked and performed in close contact with musicians and composers from all over the world, achieving great success. The ensemble is also invited by Edoardo Tresoldi to perform at the opening of his new atelier in Milan in 2019. It performs live on the radio within the program “Piazza Verdi” broadcast by RAI Radio3, presenting the third edition of the festival Incó_ntemporanea.

Laura Sicignano – Artistic Secretary

Born in Castellammare di Stabia, Naples, Italy in 1997, approached the world of music starting to play violin at the age of 8. After a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology at University of Pavia with a thesis on the management of the Royal Theatres in Naples, she is currently studying Arts Management at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice.
For the choice of her academic career she has always paid particular attention to the performing arts, especially musical and theatrical arts, to their organization, administration and economy.
In 2019 she was an intern at the Production Office of the lyric-symphonic Foundation of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples and now collaborates with the Music Institute of the Giorgio Cini Foundation in Venice as head of the Artistic Secretary’s office.