Incó_ntemporanea 2020

The Project Ars Cyber != Dystopian, presented for the first time during the fourth edition of
Incó_ntemporanea Festival, was active for 24h both in the physical place of Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli in Piacenza, and in a dedicated website ( is taken down at the moment).
Ars Cyber !=Dystopian was not modified since its presentation to EVS Foundation, and it was realized by Alessandro Perini (AI’ve just started to learn to play, cyberspace 1), and Luca Guidarini and Claudio Panariello (A mic in a box, cyberspace 2). It covered a quite large online audience, with a total of 487 online viewers for both the cyberspaces and a small live audience for the whole 24h performance.
The two cyberspaces created have been accessed online within the various form of interactions, and it has eventually created some small groups of online communities that have collaborated in the interactions within the cyberspaces. The objective to create a form of art that could maintain its auratic qualities, to use an Adornoian term, within the active use of internet mediation is largely achieved. Our future intent is to propose again the project and enlarge the number of the cyberspaces, bringing it to three, to create an online-cyber-tryptic.
The two musical pieces commissioned to Claudio Panariello and Luca Guidarini, which realization was helped with EVS support, were premiered on the first day of the Incó_ntemporanea Festival by the ensemble Collettivo_21. The in-presence concert, taken respecting all the current COVID-19 restrictions, was sold-out, with 60 in-presence people per concert.

Incó_ntemporanea 2019

The third edition marked a change of pace for the festival and for the ensemble in general. The arrival of Luca Guidarini as artistic director coincided with a deepening of the contents, a sharpening of the languages and a greater push towards the most current frontiers of artistic and musical research, in particular with regard to audiovisual experimentation. An event in particular represented this change: the show Hello Millenials!, conceived by the collective_21 in collaboration with the Concorto Film Festival, this concert was dominated by the figure of the German composer Alexander Schubert, an artist perpetually hovering on the “music/not music” border, completely immune to the labels that usually distinguish composers, visual artists and performers.
With this change, Incó_ntemporanea abruptly breaks the boundaries of the “provincial festival” and becomes part of the rapid underground flow of the European music scene, offering an unprecedented series of Italian and absolute premieres – novelties that also bring it to the forefront of national news, with a live broadcast dedicated by the program Radio3 Piazza Verdi. Compared to previous editions, the events become smaller and more widespread: with a main concert and two solo guitar concerts, a sax quartet concert, a conference, a “sound walk” along the streets of Piacenza and two performance/installations, Incó_ntemporanea moved towards a path of renewal, with the ambition to occupy a new bastion along the frontier of artistic and musical research.

Incó_ntemporanea 2018

The second edition began with a bang: the musical volcano and famous Sicilian cellist and composer Giovanni Sollima was the special guest of the first concert, supported by the musicians of Collettivo_21 on the stage of the Salone del Conservatorio. The second event of the festival, had the goal to deepen the ties with other musical realities of the city scene, with a concert in collaboration with the festival Antichi Organi. In line with the success of the previous year, the collaboration with Incontri Contemporanei of MAMU continued, culminating this time with a concert by Collettivo_21, which also included the first performance of “Richiami notturni dal castello di Utopia” by Irlando Danieli, dedicated to the ensemble. Again, for the second edition, the Province of Piacenza generously opened its hall to an event: “Coming Soon”, a lecture-concert dedicated to the presentation of future recording projects of the collective. The fourth event hosted the ensemble Moto Contrario, which brought to the auditorium of the Foundation of Piacenza and Vigevano a series of new pieces, some of which written by the same members of the ensemble. Particularly ambitious was the choice to realize a real original music show, in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Riccardo Buscarini and the electronic composer Alessandro Baldessari, dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of “La boutique del mistero” by Dino Buzzati and hosted in the Municipal Theatre of Piacenza; a work crowned, however, by a great success of both critics and public.

Incó_ntemporanea 2017

The first edition has seen Collettivo_21 – creator of the festival – as the main ensemble, together with many guests. The festival opened with a suggestive concert, hosted in Palazzo Ghizzoni Nasalli, in the heart of Piacenza, with the percussion ensemble Tempus Fugit and Collettivo_21 with its wind quintet. The concert has taken place in a relaxed atmosphere,with a foodtruck, people chatting in the garden and a program built specifically for the occasion, with the presentation of a premiere by Luca Brignole. After a music therapy workshop held by the expert Fabrizia Ruospo at the Primary School “Alberoni”, the festival continued with a musical weekend in the Council Chamber of the Province, a surprisingly beautiful space – rarely used for musical events (the audience sat in the councilors’ chairs!). On Saturday, the piano class of Davide Cabassi, excellence of the Conservatory of Piacenza, performed the final concert of the project “Incontri Contemporanei” (a series of informal meetings with important composer of our time at the MAMU in Milan); on Sunday, there was an original cross-over concert between contemporary music, jazz and popular music, conceived and realized by Umberto Petrin and Marco Domenichetti and dedicated to the music of the Quattro Province. To close the festival, a great international guest: the composer and pianist Frederic Rzewski, for the first time in Piacenza, publicly met Collettivo_21, who dedicated a monographic concert to his music the same evening.